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Explains the possible cause that no proposal is created for reorder point.



Describes the possible cause by an example and the related master data/customization.



 The reorder point MRP does not consider the requirements, e.g. order reservation from production order. Here is an example. The material ZROH_B has Reorder point MRP type V1 and reorder point value 100 in the material master.

 The current stock quantity is 101 and there is an order reservation quantity 108, so the shortage is 101 - 108 = 7-, which is lower than the reorder point 100, but the MRP does not create any procurement proposal as following.

 The root cause is, the MRP type V1 doesn't consider the order reservation quantity as defined in the customization. Here is the screen shot of it.

 The path of customization is, SPRO > Production > Material requirements planning > Master data > Check MRP Types.

The order reservation is the so-called 'External requirements' in reorder point MRP, the field 'Include ext. reqmts' is blank which means they are not considered, so the system just compares the current stock quantity 101 with reorder point quantity 100, since that is greater than 100, nothing can be generated for procurement.

Fill value 2 into the field 'Include ext. reqmts' and tick the field 'Order reservation' for which we'd like to take into account in MRP as following.


Run MRP again and check the result in MD04 as below. A planned order for external procurement is generated as expected.

Regarding the field 'Include ext. reqmts', it has 3 possible values as below.

'  ' External reqmts are not taken into account.

'1' External reqmts in total horizon.

 '2' External reqmts within replenishment lead time.

The value 1 only takes the external requirements which lie in the total horizon, the total horizon is defined in the customization transaction OMDX for plant or MRP group, the one of MRP group has higher priority. Here is the screen shot of the customization for MRP group and the field 'Plan Hor.' is for that.

The value '2' only takes the external requirements which lie in the replenishment lead time, and that is the total time of 'Goods processing time' and 'Planned delivery time' and 'Purchasing processing time'. The 'Goods processing time' and 'Planned delivery time' are generally in the material master as below.

The 'Purchasing processing time' is in the customization OMDT for plant, here it is. 



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