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Within Sales and Operations Planning, it is possible to validate the forecast with a Rough-Cut Capacity Planning. This document is a quick configuration guide to activate RCCP on SOP.


You will find on this WIKI the basic customizing and master date necessary to activate Rough-Cut Capacity Planning on SOP, using a work center.


The main customizing step is to define the scheduling parameters for SOP on transaction OPU4.

Generally, Selection ID 03 is used, in order to check the capacity using a rough cut planning profile, instead of a routing. It is also possible to check capacity using a routing, but this is usually not necessary: since it is a rough-cut capacity planning, it is only necessary to check the capacity on the bottleneck work center.
Also, it is only necessary to check the flag “generate capacity requirements”, because a detailed scheduling is not useful here.

Master Data

The next step is to create the rough-cut planning profile on transaction MC35. In this example, I’ll create the rough-cut planning profile for a material, however, it is also possible to create it for a product group (if all the materials are using the same work center) of for an info structure, case you are using flexible planning.


Fields status, usage and lot size are similar to the respective fields on the routing



Here you specify the resource and how much of the resource will be allocated on the period.


Double click on the resource to link it to an actual work center. It is also possible to plan



After that, when planning your material on transaction MC88, it will be possible to view also the capacity situation, following the menu “view”, “capacity situation” and “rough-cut planning” and “show”.



A new section with the resource load will be displayed, where we can clearly see both capacities of the work center defined on the rough-cut planning profile


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