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This Wiki provides an usage example of Trigger Points in Production Orders as well as a step-by-step of how to assign Trigger Points to operations of a Production Order.


Trigger points are assigned to operations and are triggered once the operation status is changed. It's possible to trigger different functions for succeeding or preceding operations.
In the given example for this Wiki, we'll "bulk release" the operations of an order by releasing a unique operation with a trigger point assigned.

Assigning a Trigger Point for a operation

1. Go to the Operation Overview (F5) of the Production Order
2. Select the operation you want to assign the Trigger Point and click the *Trigger Points* button
3. Add a Usage and a description if you wish (in the example we used Usage 00001)
4. Double-click on the Usage number. This will open the Trigger Point Workflow
5. Select the "Functions" and the "Release up to stop indicator" indicators, select 'REL' (Release) for the Syst. Sts field, and add '+' (Status set) to the Change field.

None of the functions maintained on the detail screen can be triggered if the Functions indicator is not set. 

In this case we are not adding a Stop indicator to any operation since the purpose is to release all operations. If you wish to restrict the Trigger Point function for a certain number of operations, this can be done by adding a new Trigger Point to a operation and selecting the "Release Stop" indicator.

6. Save the order.

Bulk releasing operations (activating Trigger Point)

1. Back to the Operation Overview (F5) section of the Production Order, select the operation you added the Trigger Point to and release the operation.
2. A new window will be displayed showing that the Trigger Point has been activated and specifying which function it will perform. Press the Continue button.

3. All operations will be released, completing the function designed for the Trigger Point.

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