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Have you tried commitment checking tool already?

         Not yet. I would like to implement the tool from SAP KBA 2272940 now.

Is commitment properly set up at all for your document?

In order to answer the above question see the below instructions

First Check if commitment is set up at all.

Commitments are considered as future costs. If you create a Purchasing document, which is budgeted against i.e. cost center X and the document is commitment relevant, the budget of cost center X will be reduced with the MM documents’ value. This way you have a clear overview on remaining budgets, already used amounts, etc.


For Purchase Requisitions (PR): Environment > AC Commitment Documents:
For Purchase Orders (PO): Environment > Document Item > AC Commitment Documents:

If the menu option is not grayed out, (i.e. you can click on it), the commitment is set up and you will see the commitment line(s) in a new screen.

Alternative way to check this:

You can also check table COOI, for this please enter the document number into field 'Ref Document No' (REFBN) and the item number into 'Ref. item' (RFPOS). If COOI has entry/entries then commitment is set up for the document. Commitment relevant documents also have an indicator in the respective database table EBAN or EKPO: it is called XOBLR and marks if 'Item affects commitments'.


Below information is valid for all documents:

If you change your Customizing or implement a note or change a document and the commitment is not updated please try to run report RKANBU01 for the given document:

You can enter the relevant PR or PO number, it can correct the commitment. More details can be found in note 534993