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Generally, decisions to change a certain material quantity are made in the inventory management. This can be a change to the stock type, special stock assignment, material number or batch number. A certain partial stock quantity may also be reassigned to a different storage location or plant.

This kind of change is entered as a posting change in IM. If the plant / storage location combination affected by the change is linked to a warehouse number then the change in IM must also be reflected in the bin stocks there.

A posting change in IM creates a posting change notice (PCN) which has a similar function to the TR in terms of the subsequent process.

The warehouse worker enters the bin stocks that are to be changed in a TO with reference to the posting change notice. This normally has to be done in foreground as the system does not know exactly which stocks are affected by the change. If the posting change is for the entire material stock of the warehouse then it is also possible to do the TO creation in background.

When partial quanties are involved it is only possible to create the TO in background as of 4.70 using BAdI LE_WM_LE_QUANT.

A posting change does not necessarily have to involve a stock transfer, i.e. a physical movement. You can leave the stock in their current bins. Nevertheless, you always have to have a TO so that the system knows which stock is affected. The ‘post to same bin’ indicator can be set in the storage type definition and also in the WM movement type definition. It can also be set / changed in online  processing.

7.1 Movement type determination during posting change

To map posting changes entered Inventory Management in Warehouse Management, the system uses the same tables as for goods rereipts for purchase orders, plant orders, other goods issues, and for goods issues for other transactions.
Unlike goods receipt or issue processes, you will generally find three different reference movement types for one Inventory Managament movment type for posting changes in the standard SAP. If the issuing plant/storage location combination is assigned to a different warehouse number than the receiving one, the system does not create posting change notice (PCN). Instead, it creates two transfer requirements, one for the stock removal form the issuing warehouse number and one for putaway in the receiving warehouse number. Therefore a posting change in the IM can result in the WM either in a PCN or in 2 TRs. See the below figure. Both of the below processes in the figure shows a posting change from IM perspective, but in WM point of view the left one requires PCN and the right one requires 2 TRs.

In the standard, the table linking WM reference movement types with IM movement types (T156S), various WM reference movement types are assigned.

For the first two, a transfer requirement is created following an IM posting change. For the third, a posting change notice is created. This must be reflected by the settings in table T321, where the WM reference movement types are assigned to the WM movement types and the subsequent document is decided.

7.2 Posting changes directly in the WMS
For certain posting change activities, you can reverse the process described in the previous section by first entering the posting chagne for individual bin stocks in WM. The IM posting always occurs in the background immediately after the change has been made.
In Customizing for WM, you assign the WM movement type to the corresponding IM movement type in a separate table.In this case the TO is immediately created and confirmed.You can carry out this via tcode LQ02.
You can implement this posting change procedure for the following scenarios, all other posting changes have to be made first in IM:

  • - Changes of stock status between Q stock, blocked stock and unrestricted stock
  • - Changes of stock status between consignment stock (special stock K) and your company’s own restricted-use stock
  • - Changes of stock status between sales order stock (special stock E) and your company’s own stock
  • - Changes of stock status between project stock (special stock Q) and your company’s own stock.

Note: QM materials must always be processed by IM (QM) first.

7.3 Customizing
The same can be considered here as usually for the IM-WM interface, there is one topic to be mentioned: Direct posting changes triggered by the WM (transaction LQ02).
SPRO – Log.Exec. – Warehouse management – Interfaces – Inv.mgmt – Define posting changes.

7.4 Useful transactions, tables, reports for posting change:

  • tcode LU02 – Change posting change notice
  • tcode LU03 – Display posting change notice
  • tcode LU04 – List of posting change notices
  • tcode LT05 – Create TO for posting change notice
  • table LUBU – Posting change document
  • report RLAUTA11 – Report for automatic creation of TOs for posting change notices.

7.5 Debug hints
Here the field T321-UBFKZ is important, it can be analysed in the mentioned form T321_LESEN.

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