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Batch Split in delivery is a scenario used when there is a need to dispatch the quantities from different batch for a particular delivery item. The batch split function in the delivery includes a batch selection screen and an availability check.

Perform Batch split in VL02N

To carry out batch split in a delivery, proceed as follows:

  1. In the delivery, mark the item for which you want to split batches and choose  Goto → Item → Batch Split. The overview screen for batch split items appears.

  2. Now, there are two ways to assign the batches:
    a. Automatic batch determination: This method is described and explained in the page batch determination.
    b. Manual method: Enter the split quantity for the required batches until you have assigned the entire requirement quantity .The system creates batch split items for the selected batches and the open quantity is decreased by the assigned quantity.

  3. Choose Back(F3) to return to the delivery overview screen.

  4. Save the delivery.

View Batch split

To view the batch split, proceed as follows:

  1. Goto VL03N and Enter the delivery number.
  2. Click on the batch split icon of the delivery item. 
  3. The batch structure for the selected line item is displayed in item overview tab.
  4. As per SAP's standard design the batch numbers are assigned to subitems and not to the main item in this case. This is designed in this way to increase the efficiency of adding another batch split line item to the main line item.

    For example: 
    If the delivery quantity for main line item 10 is 5 units and when this complete quantity of 5 is assigned to Batch TEST.  Then the main line item 10 will not have batch number assigned and delivery quantity will be blank while the sub-item 900001 will have a batch number with delivery quantity 5, as shown in the figure below:

    If you don't want to create Batch split line items when complete quantity is assigned to batch item from main line item, then batch needs to be directly assigned to main line item, as shown in the figure below:




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