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The close indicator is never set automatically.

If you want to prevent the requisition to be used again, you should set the closed indicator for the item in the requisition.  The closed indicator is never set automatically.  When creating a purchase order in reference to this requisition, you should select the 'open only' flag.  If the closed indicator has been set for the requisition, you will receive a message that no data satisfying selection criteria exist

An item of a PReq is only regarded as Closed if the requested order quantity has been included in a purchase order.

You can also set an item to Closed manually. This item will then not be taken into account by the materials planning and control system.

You can set the Closed indicator manually at the following points (it can later be cancelled if necessary):

  • When changing a PReq, on the item detail screen
  • When creating a PO referencing a PReq, on the item detail screen of the PO

You can still create POs by referencing a PReq if this indicator has been set in the requisition concerned.

You can find the closed ind. (EBAN- EBAKZ) under the Quantities/Dates tab.

For more information, you can read note:

1093582 - FAQ: Delivery complete indicator ELIKZ