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You want to understand which PR is considered by MRP as closed. 


A requisition is considered closed for MRP and other when:

  • The closed indicator is set.
  • The deletion indicator is set.
  • The requisition quantity is less than or equal to the corresponding PO item.

The 'closed' indicator on a purchase requisition can only be set manually. This can be done with one of the following methods:

  1. In the change requisition transaction ME52/ME52N, set the close indicator
  2. In ME57, while creating a PO with reference to a requisition, set the close indicator on the item selection screen

After converting PR to a PO, if PO quantity is reduced, system will use the same PR to meet the quantity that is not enough,

PO will have the delivery schedule. In the delivery schedule it is possible to see that system is referencing the PR and the item. Hence, system keeps PR details.

When another delivery schedule quantity is added into the PO with reference to the PR item, system will further adjust the open PR.

This would not create an excess stock situation, since MRP created the PR to meet the requisition and PO is for less quantity than required.