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If for a material & plant & storage location combination no storage location view exist in the material master, it is possible to create this view automatically by the first goods movement.

This is advisable if you want to post a goods receipt without having to maintain the storage location view of the material master record in advance.

The standard system is set in such a way that the storage location data is created automatically for all types of receipts (goods receipt with/ without reference, stock transfers, intial entry of stock balances, reversal of goods issues, etc.).

For creating the storage location view automatically the following settings are necessary:

  1. If the storage location was not yet assigned to the plant, assign it in transaction OX09
    First select the appropriate plant, the press the button 'New Entries', add the appropriate storage location ID and description

  2. Enter for each plant whether the automatic creation of storage location data is generally allowed

    For this follow the below path in the customizing:



  3. Specify the movement types for which storage location data is created automatically.

    For this follow the below path in the customizing:


 If after following the above steps the storage location view still can not be craeted automatically, please chek the following steps:

  1. The stock is posted into a special stock segment

    The storage location data is only created if the quantity is posted to 'standard' storage location stock. It is not created for receipts into a special stock (for example, into sales order stock).

    The reason for this behaviour is as follows:

    When special stock of this kind is posted to, no posting is made in MARD. The creation of a MARD segment is neither necessary nor desirable from a performance or inventory point of view. No material/plant/storage location segment (MARD) is required for the management of special stock. This is why a MARD segment is not automatically created when goods are received.

    For further information please check note 369468.

  2. Material is moved in such a way that no change in stock occurs in total

    All postings to a segment (for example, material, plant, storage location) are only executed if a change in stock occurs. Only in this case, storage locations are created automatically. This way it is made sure that no empty segments are created.

  3. The first goods movement on the storage location would result in negative stock, but negative stocks are not allowed for the plant and for the storage location

    If the first goods movement in the material & plant & storage location combination is a negative posting like a goods issue or a reversal transfer posting (e.g. movement type 312), the posting would result in negative stock. Therefore the posting will only be allowed if negative stocks are allowed on plant level, and on storage location level.
    To allow negative stocks follow the below path in the customizing: