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The purpose of this page is to provide information about the creation and deletion of a purchase requisition.


A purchase requisition can be created directly or indirectly.

Direct: the PR is created manually and whoever creates it determines which material or service is ordered and the quantity and date.

Indirect: that PR from another SAP component is created automatically, e.g.:

  • in MRP
  • with maintenance orders
  • with production orders
  • with networks

Purchase requisition creation

You can create / change / display a purchase requisition in ME51n / ME52n / ME53n. Depending on how you create the Purchase Requisition, the system will fill the creation indicator (EBAN-ESTKZ) field.

The PR creation screen consist of 3 main areas which are header data, item overview and item details.

Deleting a PR

Basically, there are three options you can choose from if you wish to prevent a PO created against a PR.

  • You can delete the line item by selecting the line and then clicking on the trash bin icon just below the PR header
  • You can close a PR if you go to the Quantities/Dates tab (Item details) and check the Closed checkbox and then click on Save
  • Alternatively, you can go to the Status tab and block the PR by selecting the appropriate option from the Block ID dropdown menu
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