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This content was created to introduce the customising settings for automatic packing in deliveries.


With this article the user may be able to understand the automatic packing concept durng delivery creation and be aware of the customising settings needed for this functionality.

Handling Unit

The SAP ERP system sees a handling unit as a physical unit that consists of the packaging materials (load carrier / packaging material) and its goods.  A handling unit is a combination of materials and packaging materials. The handling units can be proposed in a sales order and determined on the delivery creation. The handling units can be also staged using Warehouse Management in process manufacturing.

Automatic Packing

The automatic packing functionalities are used in delivery transactions. (VL01N), WM (Warehouse Management) and EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) transactions.

SAP HU Customizing for automatic packing in deliveries

Basically it is necessary  to set a packaging material type and a material group for packing and have it assigned to material of the packing type.

Additional customising setting are needed for the automatic packing during delivery creation:

  1. SPRO -> SAP Reference IMG -> Logistic execution -> Shipping -> Deliveries -> Define Item Categories for Deliveries
    Transaction OVLP
    Packing controll for the delivery item category V_TVLP-PCKPF is blank, which means packing is allowed. 
  2. SPRO -> SAP Reference IMG -> Logistic execution -> Shipping -> Deliveries -> Define delivery Types
    Transaction OVLK
    Automatic packing V_TVLK-AVERP set for the delivery type. 
  3. SPRO -> SAP Reference IMG -> Logistics - General -> Handling Unit Management ->> Automatic packing -> Maintain Packing Transaction Profile
    Transaction OVHU2 
    Packing transaction profile: e.g. 0002 Outbound delivery -> Detail
    Determination procedure for packing instructions (V_CHUPDPARA1-COND_SCHEME): e.g. 000001 pack in shipping set 
  4. SAP Menu -> Logistics -> Sales and Distribution -> Master Data -> Agreements -> Pack -> Packing Instructions -> POP1 - Create
    Transaction POP1 
  5. SAP Menu -> Logistics -> Sales and Distribution -> Master Data -> Agreements -> Pack -> Packing Instructions -> Determination Records -> POF1 - Create
    Transaction POF1

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