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DESADV Scenario

Outbound (Vendor system):

From an outbound delivery, an EDI shipping notification can be sent to the customer using output type LAVA, IDoc message DESADV.

Inbound (Customer system):

In the receiving system, an inbound delivery is created like in VL31N with reference to a purchase order.

DESADV Outbound (Basic Type DELVRY0*)

DESADV IDoc is sent via output type LAVA.

Customizing of Partner Profile with WE20

DESADV Inbound


  • No batch splits are created. See SAP note 209240 .
  • Batches are only transferred as “vendor batches”, i.e. the batch field (LIPS-CHARG) is not filled in standard but could be filled by customer function in IDOC_INPUT_DESADV1.
    If batch items should also be packed, then the delivery item category should allow packing without batches (TVLP-CHHPV “pack accumulated batches”).
    In case of packed batch items then:
    • E1EDL44-CHARG (Handling Unit Item) transferred to VERPO-CHARG but
    • E1EDL24-CHARG (Delivery Item) transferred to LIPS-LICHN
  • EXIDV segment at HU level
    In case the customer and the vendor system are both using the EAN128 / SSCC (unique HU number see the SAP Help page ), it makes sens to transfer the EXIDV number with the Idoc.
  • HU packing item are created via DESADV if all the customizing is set correctly. See SAP note 831204 .
  • Several inbound deliveries could be created automatically due to an automatic delivery split.
  • IDoc Status:
    51: only if inbound delivery could not be created
    52: if at least one inbound delivery could be created but errors or warnings occurred
    53: if no error/ warning occured
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    Very helpful.

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    Thanks !! One more point : Realized that I cannot update the partners in the IBD since the standard does not use : IT_GN_PARTNERS tables parameter when calling the function module. have to think of some other crude way.