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To describe how the standard logic uses the SOA service PurchaseRequisitionReplicationRequest_In


The central procurement SSP scenario uses the mentioned SOA service to create purchase requisitions in the connected system. 

The process will not only create the purchase requisition, but it will create a linkage with the original requisition in the connected system, so the employee can follow the requisition from the central system with the help of the Fiori Application My Purchase Requisitions F1639.  

Purchase Requisition Creation

The incoming XML PurchaseRequisitionReplicationRequest_In contains the requisition data with the source system id. 

The logic is implemented in the class CL_MMPUR_HUB_PR_REPLI_IN, where the method  IF_MMPUR_HUB_PR_REPLI_IN~CREATE, will create the document. 

Once the document is created by calling the BAPI_PR_CREATE, the logic will create an entry into the table EBAN_TECH, there the entry containing the following information is saved: document number of the local document, the external document number, source system id, link to the Ariba PR(if the original PR comes from SAP Ariba).  

The EBAN_TECH entry is created with the method CREATE_SC_PR_LINK in the class CL_MMPUR_HUB_PR_REPLI_IN by the function module MMPUR_HUB_PR_CONFIRMATION only if the purchase requisition creation is successful. 

If the creation is successful the same function module will call the SOA service to send out the success XML message to the central system.  

The further process

If a Purchase Requisition is created with this process, then in the connected system it will have an EBAN entry and an EBAN_TECH entry. 

Whenever the Requisition is changed in this system the standard logic in class CL_IM_MMPUR_NOTIFY_PR_UPD with method IF_EX_ME_PROCESS_REQ~POST will send out notification XML message to the source system.

The standard PR creation with PurchaseRequisitionReplicationRequest_In means that if a Purchase Order is created from such a PR than the logic will check this EBAN_TECH table and for any change in the PO the system will send out an XML “PurchaseRequisitionSourcingNotification_Out” and a "PurchaseOrderItemHistoryNotification_Out". 

The logic is in the class CL_IM_MM_PUR_HUB_SCENARIO in the method: IF_EX_ME_PROCESS_PO~POST.

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