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The purpose of this page is to provide admin users with a guide on the replication process of the central purchasing system.


The replication process is triggered by the central system through the application Schedule Import of Purchasing Documents F3268.

In the application the following replication programs can be scheduled:

  • Import Central Purchase Requisitions Relevant for Hub System Processing
  • Import Purchase Requisitions from Connected Systems
  • Import Purchase Orders from Connected Systems
  • Import Texts for Purchasing Documents from Connected Systems
  • Import History for Purchase Orders from Connected Systems


The replication objects have three import types: full import, delta import and ad-hoc import. 

The full import is the most important one, as it fills a timestamp value in the central system and creates cache data for the later delta and ad-hoc import to be used.

If Gateway caches are deleted in a central system a full import must be executed. 

Without a full import the delta and ad-hoc imports would not run.  

The replication programs run by the following ABAP programs:


These programs initialize a job object with the respective purchasing document object type, which will create an OData call to the connected system to fill the *EXT tables.


Every replication program was written in the same manner.

The programs will check if there are any other jobs running, if so then it will terminate.

If not, the program will call the given method EXTRACT_*_FROM_BACKEND.

Based on the load type the method will call an extraction method which can be extract_pr/po or extract_adhoc or extract_delta.

The extractor classes are:



The methods GET_PR_PACKETS or GET_PO_PACKETS will call the connected system with predefined filter criteria and will initiate a metadata call to the connected system.

For this filtered call the connected system will return a list of documents, which later will be replicated with the get_details method call.

Both method calls are using the connected service MM_PUR_PR_BULK_EXTRACT_SRV or MM_PUR_PO_BULK_EXTRACT_SRV

A typical best place to check if the call is sent to the connected system is the Method: IF_MMPUR_CAT_DATA_SRV_HUB~TRIGGER_SERVICE Class: CL_MMPUR_HUB_SRV.

The admin user can see here what call was made by the central system and what error the connected returned.

If the connected system returned an error, then the request URL can be used on the connected side in the gateway service maintenance to analyze the root cause further.

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