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During a purchasing document editing (ME21n, ME22n, BAPI_PO_CREATE1, BAPI_PO_CHANGE, ME31k, ME32k, ME31l, ME32l etc.) in which conditions are used for pricing you may encounter "Error in net price calculation, item & (Please correct)" 06 213 error. This is a collective message, its reason can be varied, see below.

Possible causes and solutions

  • The net price is negative >>> Check the prices and conditions entered and/or triggered

  • An error has occurred during currency translation >>> Check whether the foreign currency is defined in the system.
    see Error SG105 and F5717

  • The unit of measure of an item is not allowed >>> Check the units of measure entered
    A condition's unit is not defined or no conversion maintained for it in the material master.

  • An internal error has occurred during the price determination process >>> for example a mandatory condition type is not defined in the system.

  • Despite you ticked an item as "free" the condition schema contains a condition which is mandatory/required

  • Do not enter the manual gross price condition into the calculation schema of the automatically determined gross price condition

  • You might get 06213 error at opening old document >>> check if a part of the PO (like terms of payment, etc) still available in customizing. Because this could connected to conditions. For example the standard condition type SKTO is a special condition type, which is linked to the payment terms, i.e. the condition value is calculated based on the percentages of the payment term.
    Or another root cause can be for this is that the price determination customizing changed since the PO creation (for example the PO contains a condition which is not in the user pricing schema already)

  • Check your pricing schema, if the subtotals, requirements might cause this error. Also check the same with testing with standard RM0000 schema and compare your custom schema to it

  • Check whether modification causes this error: custom code, table enhancement, used enhancement like:
    Check if you have any custom code running which might influence this, the best way is to use ANST tool
    KBA 1818192

  • Check whether you modified (extended, edited) the standard communication structures like KOMP.

See also / Related contents

Please note that the pricing in purchasing is customizable. SAP Support can not provide you full support on each individual custom customizing settings scenario. SAP Support can only suggest you to use the standard schema and adjust your according to the standard. Contact SAP Support only if you observe one of the above problems with using of the standard schema with deactivated enhancements (mentioned above) even if you followed the above suggestions.

You can reach the pricing schema customizing quickly by calling M/08 transaction.
You can reach the pricing conditions' individual customizing quickly by calling M/06 transaction.

Recently some program errors appeared in IS-AFS-MM-PUR area, the correction for those are SAP Notes:
Please be aware that these SAP Notes only relevant for you if you use Apparel and Footwear (AFS) industry specific solution!
2049821-Error message "06213" raised when you create a new line item in a Purchase order
1980250-Error message "06213" raised when you create a new line item in a Purchase order
1920125-ME21N: Error 06213(error in net price calculation) raised while creating return purchase order with pricing unit more than one