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During goods movement for example goods receipt or goods issue for serialized material, error IO231 is issued and you're prevented from posting the material document.


This is usually caused by mismatch between serial number stock data and stock data in material document posting. The detailed difference can be found
in long text display of error IO231. For example if the serial number is already in stock, you can no longer use it to post goods receipt.


 1. check the serial number data in transaction IQ03 and identify if the serial number has correct stock information

For serial number 43, the stock in in return, so this serial number cannot be used for a goods movement posted to unrestricted stock(stock type: blank).

2. If the stock information in serial number is consistent, then please change and select another serial number which is suitable for the process to be
carried out.

3. If the stock information in serial number is inconsistent(check the procedure in Inconsistency in Material Management - Inventory Management#InventoryManagement-INC_1SerialNumberStockInconsistency)you can execute physical inventory using transaction MI10 to correct it into the correct status and
then continue with the business process.