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You create a Goods Movement that determines a Cost Element for the posting.

The Cost Element requires a mandatory account assignment object (a Cost Center, an Order, etc.).

You have set up this account assignment in OKB9 making the Business Area mandatory.

When you create the Goods Movement the system sends the error message KI235.


  • Make sure that the setting for the business area is correctly configured:

In MM03 check the "Basic Data 1" view of your material. See the Division to which it is assigned to.

Now run the customizing path:

Enterprise Structure → Assignment  → Logistics - General   → Assign Business Area to Plant/Valuation Area and Division

There are two different buttons:

"Plant - division".

"Valuation area - division".

Important!: Select here the second one: "Valuation area - division".

The first combination "Plant - Division" is used in SD, but not in MM.

Therefore, select the combination "Valuation Area - Division". This is the only one relevant for this case.

Check if you have here a Business Area for the combination of the Division found before in MM03 and the Plant of the Goods Movement.

Is this the Business Area that you have maintained in OKB9? Is there an Account Assigment in OKB9 for the combination of Company Code + Cost Element + Business Area?

  • Make sure that the posting transfers the Business Area to the CO Interface:

 Check in OMJJ the field selection of the movement type in the posting: The field Business Area has to be ready for input so that it can be sent to the Accounting Interface.