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You have a purchase order in which confirmation control is activated with standard confirmation key 0004 Inbound delivery.
You have created inbound delivery and corresponding confirmation line LA has been reflected in purchase order.
You post goods receipt then and verify the document of inbound delivery has been updated correctly. Now you want to carry out
a reversal reference to originally posted goods receipt, but there's error M7328 and the reversal is not possible.



The error M7328 is a generic message indicating certain quantity is not sufficient. You can find more details in the long text of the message to identify which quantity
in which reference document is not sufficient for the posting. In this example, the "Delivered quantity" is the goods receipt quantity(reduced quantity) in corresponding
confirmation line(EKES-DABMG).

It should be updated with the goods receipt quantity, but for some unknown reason it's not getting updated correctly which leads to error M7328 in reversal.



  1. implement correction report ZCORR_EKES_PO from note 1247578 
  2. execute the report using test mode and verify the correction to be done

       3. carry out the correction using update mode

      4.  check in MIGO cancellation again, and verify there's no error M7328 any more