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You try to post a Goods Receipt for a Purchase Order item which has the Origin Acceptance (EKPO-WEORA) indicator set with the movement type 101. The system sends the error message: "Inadmissible movement type - Acceptance at vendor set for PO item - Message no. M7 429".


When the indicator 'Acceptance At Origin' (EKPO-WEORA) is set in the Purchase order item, the reception must be carried out into the Valuated Goods Receipt Blocked Stock.

This should be done by the movement type 107.   

Please, refer to the F1-on-line-help of the field EKPO-WEORA:

If the indicator has been set, you must post the goods receipt to valuated GR blocked stock using the movement type 107 as soon as the goods have been accepted at the vendor's facility.

In a second step, you can post the goods from valuated GR blocked stock to unrestricted-use stock using movement type 109 as soon as the goods have been delivered by the vendor.

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1619336 Error 'M7 429' is displayed when trying to post a goods receipt in MIGO.

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  1. Former Member

    The same needs to be cleared via movement type 109 (GR fr. Val. Bl. St.)