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During purchase requisition creation, either via online me51n transaction or with BAPI's, you encounter MEOUT 134 error but despite this error in same cases the PR is saveable.

Eventhough the message's short text about outline agreement BAdi's, it is displayed in Purchase Requisition scenarios.


SAP Note 1841200 brought checks into the coding of include LMEREQF09, LMEREQF08, LMEREQF05 to make sure no infinitive loop happens because of calling PROCESS_ACCOUNT, PROCESS_ITEM or PROCESS_HEADER methods of ME_PROCESS_REQ_CUST's implementation (calling one of them more then 10 times results the MEOUT 134 error).

How to avoid it

The infinitive loop can happen due to avoiding the followings:

  • Within method PROCESS_ACCOUNT, you can only change fields related to accounting
  • Make sure you are not changing any field that is blocked for change by any of the used field selection settings
  • Make sure that your active implementation of PROCESS_ACCOUNT or PROCESS_HEADER or PROCESS_ITEM method of BAdi ME_PROCESS_REQ_CUST is restricted to only process when IM_COUNT = 1, therefore it is suggested to start your BAdi method's code with IM_COUNT = 1 check hence surely avoiding the MEOUT 134 error.

Please also test the same scenario again avoiding the above points, if the problem still exists please also test it with deactivating the possibly active implementation that BAdi and also check too whether other enhancements, like user exists not influence such process.

See also

How you can check if you have active implementation of such BAdi:

  1. Call SE18 transaction
  2. Enter BAdi ME_PROCESS_REQ_CUST, press display button
  3. At menü Implementation select Overview
  4. The system displays the implementations, those with yellow background are the actives.