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You process material management documents, like purchasing, inventory or invoicing documents and you receive

  • "Enter rate & / & rate type M for & in the system settings" - message no. SG105
  • "Conversion factors missing for rate type & currency & -> &" - message no. F5717



These system messages are relevant only if the currency code of the purchasing document is different from the company code currency, into whose plant the goods are to be delivered.

  • Currency of the company code is stored in field T001-WAERS, or visible at the following customizing path:
    SPRO-> Enterprise Structure-> Definition-> Financial Accounting-> Define company
  • Currency code in purchasing document is visible at header level (in case of purchase order on the header "delivery/invoice" tab, in case of schedule agreement simply on the header screen) and also in all items. The currency code is always defaulted from the vendor's master (t-code XK01-2-3) but it is changeable and with a change the exchange rate updated.


Even though the two above mentioned messages are seems to be very similar, their meanings are different, and they are not depend on each other. So they are issued individually based on their checks:


  • SG 105 is issued if the system not finds usable/valid currency exchange rate in transaction OB08 (database table TCURR)


  • F5 717 is issued if the system not finds the corresponding translation factor (ratio) for the used currencies in transaction OBBS (database table TCURF)


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