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This is a demo guide for Support colleague to demonstarate how to create a new field on the Purchase order Header or Item tab in ME21n transaction.


In this demo the field EKAUF ( means BUYER)  will be added to the Customer Data Tab on the PO Item level..

Define a Custom field which should be used on the PO screen

Add the custom field to the screen

  • Insert the new field EKAUF with component type EKAUF in structure CI_EKPODB via SE11.

    of course you can use any custom field Zxxxx which is previously already defined in the data dictionary.

  • Save and activate the change.


Screen Painter

  • Go to tcode SE51

  • Enter program SAPLXM06 and screen number 0111 

  • Click on create / change 

  • Select maintain in original language.


  • Click on button Layout and create Text field called BUYER

  • Create Input / Output field for EKPO_CI-EKAUF

  • Save and activate the changes.
  • Result should look like this:

Coding to be able to use the field

The field BUYER is ready for input on Customer Data Tab on the PO Item level. Now we want to write something into this field and it should be stored in the database table EKPO and we want to see the previously inserted value when we open the PO in Change or Display mode.

Goto SE37 and choose following User-Exits one by one.


Here are some coding example for each User-Exit. This is just a template coding, an adjustment may neccessary.


  • EXIT_SAPMM06E_016


  • EXIT_SAPMM06E_017


  • EXIT_SAPMM06E_018


Thereafter you have to activate these User-Exits and the Enhancement as well. Goto transaction SMOD / CMOD and activate the Enhancement MM06E005.


After the activation of the Include Table, Screen, User-Exit and Enhancement, the result should look like this

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