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This WIKI page intends to provide information about standard process of HU (Handling Unit) creation in case the location is a HU/WM managed one.


This WIKI page shows step by step information of the instructions for one of the HU02 functionality which performs the packing identification storing a certain quantity of a certain material as an example for HU managed location. It has screenshot used in this example as well as hyperlinks to other forms of HU creation.

HU creation summary

In this case the HU is created in ERP logistics directly in case where the packing occurs before the delivery takes place, in this case it occurs on a HU managed storage location with Warehouse hence the inventory of the HU is taken place in MM-IV-GF (storage location inventory level) and Warehouse level. It can be done with only one transaction and it is required to have pre-settings like material package created and storage location set as HUM and its partner location pre-defined.


The example below looks like very similar to the one for HUM storage location. It is just required that final HUM storage location is also WM managed. The warehouse details about where stock was placed can be found in material document details that are generated through HU02.

 Go to transaction HU02:

  1. Go to tab “Pack material”;
  2. Enter packaging material on the top section of the screen under the column “Packaging Materials”;
  3. Press enter and a HU number is automatically generated and can be seen under the “Handling Unit” column;
  4. On the lower section of the screen, enter the material to be packed, the quantity to be packed, the plant and the storage location. Here is the difference from non-HUM storage location, the storage location MUST BE the partner of HUM one;
  5. Enter the HUM/WM storage location into Destination Storage Location field;
  6. To pack the material onto the HU, select the material in the lower section of the screen, select the HU just created in the top section of the screen and click on the pack button (as indicated in the screenshot below);
  7. Click the <save> button and the HU have been created. Notice that a material document is also created.

 If you want to locate the just created stock in warehouse proceed as follow:

 Go to transaction MB03:

  1. Enter material document and material document year, depress <enter>;
  2. Hit the destination item of the just created (double click);
  3. Hit WM Details.. button, then you can check current information on storage type and bin;

Go to transaction LS28:

  1. Enter warehouse information just collected from MB03, depress <enter>;
  2. Notice that HU are shown in Storage Unit field (it is how HU is called inside WM);

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One of the most reported issues involved HU occurs when more than material posting need to get reversed and it involves HUs, check below a KBA information on the resolution steps about the restriction.

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