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This WIKI page intends to provide information about standard process of stock directly from HU managed storage location in a case where there is no WM involvement.


This WIKI page shows step by step information of the instructions for VL01NO transaction which needs to be performed after choosing a HU in HUMO transaction. It has screenshot used in this example as well as hyperlinks to other forms of HU creation.

HU Goods Issue summary

In this case the HU is picked in ERP logistics directly in case where the packing occurs before the delivery takes place, in this case it occurs on a HU managed storage location.  The goods in this case are picked in the same quantity of HU. Even though it is  also possible to perform partial pickings from HUM which is called Pick-HU (LH01), it is not covered in this specific article. In LT03 transaction the HU is shown then user can accept that one available and in LT12 the pack is confirmed in the delivery, in the last step the delivery is post goods issued. In the screenshot  below it is visible that in HUM/WM location HU must be packed in WMS then goods issue afterwards through delivery document.


The example below was done after having the outbound delivery created in a plant and storage location which is HUM and WM. So, basically the idea is to create a Transfer Order in warehouse management system with an available HU and confirm it. It will allow posting that packed quantity from the stock through outbound delivery document.

 Go to transaction LT03:

  1. Enter warehouse number and delivery number then depress <enter>;
  2. Hit Create in Background button;
  3. Check the selected HU in the bottom portion of the screen and Hit Save button;

 Go to transaction LT12:

  1. Enter warehouse number and TO number then depress <enter>;
  2. Click on Save button;

The stock is no longer in warehouse, the goods issue process is completed, the HU has PSTD status, the delivery is posted. Hence a material document related to the goods issue created. That HU could be reversed by using the delivery document number in VL09. Notice that document where HU is involved can only be reversed once. Some users complain that STO cannot be reprocessed because HU needs reversal on both inbound and outbound. It is a system restriction and in such case the operation needs to be done in the opposite direction to release the HU for further operations.


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In operations involving HUs there are some relevant information available in the MarketPlace, just look for Notes/KBAs where application area or component is LO-HU* and you can find some information regarding feaures, restrictions, tips and also bug fixes for several issues across different ERP version.

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1459764 - Cannot cancel a TO using LT0G as items are locked 
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