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You find the field displayed/enabled in item overview of transaction MIGO doesn't work correctly.
In some cases, you see the whole item overview disappears.




Table control setting is not maintained correctly. The table control setting can be checked in table TCVIEW with key:

Here there's another key TCKONTEXT representing the goods movement mode in transaction MIGO:
goods receipt: GR, goods issue: GI etc. You have to determined which mode needs to be checked. In example above
it's the goods receipt reference to purchase order so GR.

Table control object TV_GOITEM  is getting filled in include LMIGOKS1/METHOD  MODE_SET (LCL_MIGO_KERNEL)

 *   Set context for the table control
        programname 'SAPLMIGO'
        controlname 'TV_GOITEM'
        kontext     s_action-migo_mode.                "#EC DOM_EQUAL
*   The REFRESH ***after*** the context has been set ensures that the
*   R/3 kernel creates the new table control structure using the
*   correct settings from that context.
*   This refresh has nothing to do with a refresh of the context!
    REFRESH CONTROL 'TV_GOITEM' FROM SCREEN '0200'.         "354686

Now calling up transaction SM30 for table TCVIEW with specified keys above, and check if the field length = 0
or TCINVISIBL field = 'X'. If yes, then the field or even the whole item overview won't be available.




Adjust the table control entry and set corresponding field length and set TCINVISIBL to blank.