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Customizing had been set up so price transfer from purchase requisition to purchase Order as described in SAP note 393367 but the result seems not working.


In order for this process works, the parameter EFB need to customize. Therefore, we may refer this note 393367 for reference for necessary set-up and then check the relevant coding.

  1. Execute Transaction SPRO: Function Authorizations are set up up in the IMG: 
    1.1 Path:  Material Management -> Purchasing -> Authorization management -> Define Function Authorization for Buyers.
    1.2 In here choose: "Function Authorizations: Purchase order". 
    1.3 In here you may specify a number of Function Authorization keys. For each key, you may set rights for the key. The field in question is "Order price adoption" (T160D-EBPUEB) which
        must be ticked.

    Transaction SU3: Assigning parameter function authorization to user profile via parameter ID EFB. 
    2.1 Choose "Maintain Users".
     2.2 In here choose tab "Parameters" and enter parameter ID "EFB" along with the value equal to the key you just maintained.
        (Remember to use Capitals when entering the key value).
    3. Executing transaction ME51N in the item detail screen, tab "Valuation", the field "PO price" will now be visible and can be maintained via a dropdown.
     3.1 The field will have following possible values:
    • "Do not adopt"
    • "As gross price" and
    • "As net price"

    equivalent to the values ' ', '1' and '2' in field EBAN-BPUEB. When '1' or '2' a price will be transferred to the Purchase Order when the purchase requisition is referenced.




               4. Creating a Purchase Order reference to the Purchase Requisition with transaction ME21N.
               4.1 Now, you should able see the valuation price maintain in the purchase requisition transfer to the purchase order as gross price or net price as set in from
                     the in the purchase requisition.

                5. If the price still not transfer from purchase requisition to purchase order, debugger can me activated to check why the valuation price value not getting transfer.

                5.1 Set a breakpoint at program LMEPOF99 and FORM mepo_uebernahme_banf_preis via transaction SE38 for debugging and check why the valuation price not transfer from         purchase requisition getting to the purchase order. 


                     Program: LMEPOF99

                     Form: FORM mepo_uebernahme_banf_preis


                               CHECK reban-banfn NE space.
                               CHECK reban-banfn EQ ekpo-banfn AND reban-bnfpo EQ ekpo-bnfpo.
                               CHECK reban-bpueb NE space OR       ( ekpo-netpr EQ 0 AND reban-matnr EQ space ).
                               CHECK reban-preis GT 0.
                               CHECK ekpo-anfnr EQ space OR ekpo-anfps IS INITIAL OR  aekpo-statu EQ space.    




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