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This page is created in order to give basic understanding about the important indicators of purchase requisition document.


You can find more information about the Purchase Requisition Creation Indicator on the Creation indicator (EBAN-ESTKZ) page.

About the Purchase Requisition Status indicator refer below:

PR status indicator (EBAN-STATU)

Indicates whether a follow-up document has been created or not. It is possible to return to status 'N' as in not edited, if the PO is completely severed from the PR. (NOTE: severing a PO completely from PR includes deleting entries from EKET table which is shown in ME2*N transaction under "Delivery schedule" tab AND deleting the referenced PR number (EKPO-BANFN) on the item overview section, as well.)

It is possible to create multiple follow-up documents for the PR, since it's showing the current status, it indicates the latest document created.

N - Not edited
B - PO created
A - RFQ created
K - Contract created
L - Scheduling agreement created
S - Service entry sheet created
E - RFQ sent to external system for sourcing

Park/Hold/Approval indicator (EBAN-MEMORYTYPE)

Hold functionality is not available by default. You need to activate it via Business Function LOG_MM_CI_3. (NOTE: once this feature is activated, it's permanent and non-reversible.)

Following SAP KBA contains further information regarding activation and other relevant KBAs on the topic:  2873046 - There is no HOLD button in Purchase Requisition

Possible values for this field:

NULL  - Document Saved as Complete
P         - Document Parked
H        - Document on Hold
A        - Document for Approval

See also: Park & Hold functionality in purchasing documents

Release indicator (EBAN-FRGKZ)

The release indicator is determined at the time of creation via the release strategy that applies to the purchase requisition.

Specifies whether:

  • The purchase requisition is fixed (it will not be changed again by material requirements planning)
  • An RFQ or a purchase order can be created for the requisition

Value comes from T161S table, possible values:

This link provides more information on how to set up release strategy (characteristics, class, tables used, debugging hints etc.)

Release status (EBAN-FRGZU)

X - release strategy applied for PR

empty - no release strategy is being used for PR

Deletion/block indicator (EBAN-LOEKZ)

X - Deleted or blocked, in any other case it's empty

NOTE: Please do not confuse with EKPO-LOEKZ statuses, EKPO-LOEKZ is set to 'L' if the item line is deleted and set to 'S' if blocked.

Closed indicator (EBAN-EBAKZ)

Flags a purchase requisition as closed, that means that no further purchase orders are to be created for this purchase requisition regardless of the ordered quantity. (Also, a PR can be archived once it's closed.)

  • Set this indicator manually
    • In change mode (ME52N) on item detail section, Quantities/Dates tab, "Closed" checkbox
    • When you create a purchase order with reference to a purchase requisition
  • Have the system set the indicator - using ME59(n) - when automatically creating purchase orders from purchase requisitions
    You can use the indicator Set PReqs to "Closed" (1 - after rounding / 2 - always) to specify that the purchase requisition is considered closed once the associated purchase order has been created, even if the complete requisition quantity has not been ordered.

Possible values:

X - purchase requisition is closed, empty otherwise

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