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Welcome to the SAP ERP Inventory Management WIKI!

The process supported by SAP Inventory Management functionality allows a company to meet customer needs for the availability of material. Inventory Management within SAP gives to the customer an effective set of processes for all types of goods movement within the plant. Streamlining plant processes can help companies to compress order-to-delivery time, decrease costs, reduce inventory, and improve customer service.

Generic Information
Valuation and Account Determination
Vendor Consignment

Physical Inventory


Goods Receipt

Goods Issue & Stock Transfer


Pricing in Inventory Management


  1. Hi

    I have done MM period closing for the month of march 2020 and the current period as per the system is 02-2020 and previous period is 01-2020 and period for last year is 12-2019. Now I want to do some inventory adjustment as on 31.03.2020. Pls confirm how can proceed in SAP.  Pls help me to sort out the issue at the earliest



    1. Hi Dinesh,

      There are two perspective you should take into account when thinking about logistics periods.

      1. LO and MM perspective:

      • you should open a new period and close the previous one in transaction MMPV.
      • you can check what is the current and previous period, and also allow postings in previous period in transaction MMRV.
      • you can initialize the entries in MMPI.

      2. FI perspective:

      • you have to insert the year range per account type in transaction OB52.

      It is possible to reopen a previously closed period.

      However, it is not advisable to do so because the valuation data of the previous period could get affected.

      In general, it is only safe to reopen a previously closed period when no material posting have been done after the period shifting to the new period.

      If you have activated the material ledger, it is not possible to initialize the company code (transaction MMPI or report RMMMINIT) in order to correct the period: You will receive the error message MM 017 ('The material ledger is active; you cannot initialize * &').

      We strongly recommend that you do not re-open any closed period and you make the adjustment some other way in the current period / previous period.

      If, despite this recommendation, you decide to proceed further, please, read the information in the attached note so that you understand the consequences of using this function:

      487381 - RMMMINIT: Protection Against Unintended Execution
      70545 - MMPV: Period closing program with initialization
      369637 - Period closing program with initialization after Release 4.5

      Read also the documentation of the program RMMMINIT.