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Welcome to the SAP Logistics Execution wiki. Feel free to create new entries or add to existing ones.

SAP Logistics Execution offers you all the functions necessary for mapping the execution of logistics processes, with no industry-specific bias. The core functions of Logistics Execution nearly always focus on complex goods receipt and goods issue processes. It is connected to Production Planning and Control (PP),  Materials Management (MM) and Sales and Distribution (SD). Logistics Execution includes Warehouse Management, Shipping and Transportation.  

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Balaji Ganesan

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ERP SCM Logistics Execution Sales and Distribution General   |

Shipping (LE-SHP)


Transportation (LE-TRA)

Mobile (LE-MOB)

Task & Resource Management (LE-TRM)

Warehouse Management (LE-WM)
Decentralised Warehouse Mgmt (LE-IDW)

Extended WM Integration (LE-IEW)

Yard Management (LE-YM)

Direct Store Delivery (LE-DSD)

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  1. Former Member

    We have an issue with our inventory document. Inventory document set to status "Cleared" but some of the storage bin in the document is still in Partial Counted. . The system is not allowing to process the inventory since the Document is set to Cleared status. The users cannot use those bin for Putaway those bins are locked for inventory. 

    1. Hello Aravanan,


      This space is the main channel for our WIKI documentation related to Logistics Execution topic.


      For the WIKI Materials Management - Inventory Management, you main access and read the documents from the following page:


      If you did not find a page that answers your question, correct channel to post questions is our SAP Community in the following link - you will be able to search for similar questions as yours or post a new one:



      Carla Bussolo

      SAP WIKI Moderator