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Purchase Requisition (PR) item can be deleted by T-code ME52N/ME52 although the item has been released.


  1. Create a PR by T-code ME51N.
  2. Release the PR by T-code ME54N/ME54.
  3. Release indicator is set (for example : "2", and "Changeability of Purchasing Document During/After Release" is set as "1 cannot be changed" for this indicator).
  4. Run T-code ME52N/ME52, select the PR item and click "delete" button, and save.
  5. The PR item can be deleted.



The release in the PR is an item-wise release. It is the system standard behavior that you can delete an item which has been released at item level.

Use overall release by seting "Overall release of purchase requisitions" flag for the relevant Release Group in customizing if you want to avoid this:
T-code OLME > Purchase Requisition > Procedure with Classification > Set Up Procedure with Classification > Release Groups.


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1886217 ME52N/ME52 : Purchase Requisition item can be deleted although the item has been released