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Welcome to the SAP Materials Management (MM) topic Staging Area!

Feel free to create new Wiki pages or add to existing ones.

When your page is finished, please update the contribution Tiny Link to the Moderator for moderation (content and structure) and point the assignment to move the page to.

Contribution Mandatory Structure

New contributions should be created using New Page Template

Please be aware: pages in this WIKI Staging area are work in progress and may not be complete. When content has been completed and moderated it will be moved to the appropriate area of it's official location in Materials Management space.

Therefore only content in the Materials Management WIKI should be viewed for solutions and information, content in this area is not complete.



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  1. If someone is still interested (very old contribution) you can use this wiki:

    Display customer fields in header of logistics invoice verification transactions

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Pablo,

      Hope you are doing fine.

      Thanks for the suggestion, it is a very nice contribution. But, as it is a customer specific modification, it is correct to have this posted there in Code Gallery instead of here in the SAP ERP Materials Management WIKI space.

      If you haven't found a content you were searching for here, in our SAP ERP Materials Management WIKI space, which is related to the standard MM processes, you may suggest a topic in the following page: