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  • for "Product Knowledge Base - Reviewed Documentation"

All the documentations in this part have been reviewed by SAP development level! They provide the official product knowledge on SAP ERP MM components.
So please do not revise them without authorization from Moderators.

  • for "Knowledge Sharing Market - Non Reviewed Documentation"

Here we can share our knowledge, experience, best practices, cited links or everything interesting of MM area.
The structure is by component. So please put your stuff into one specific component level (the lowest level).

  • for "Glossary"

The content is organized by glossary. For each key word / terminology, please bring in every related information, see template.


  • Please do not duplicate/copy the content from "Product Knowledge Base" or "Knowledge Sharing Market". A link is enough.
  • The key word or topic should be a concrete terminology. For example "Stock Transfer Order" is OK, but "purchasing" is too wild. The tip is to look up SAP Glossary.
  • Before add new key word / terminology, please check through the glossary to see if it has been existing already. Thus to avoid duplicate information.

Labels naming rules:

  • At least one label for component information should be maintained.
  • Component labels are led by prefix "mm_glossary_", and followed by component.
  • Component level should be broken down into the smallest.
  • Several component labels are allowed in case of cross component topics.
  • It does not affect you to add other key words as labels.
  • for "Learning Map"

In this part, we collect the systematic learning materials or links, and also the bibliography.

  • for "Frequently Asked Questions"

In this part, we collect the frequently questions and problems from SDN Forum or from our daily work.
The answer for each question should be a separate child page.
In the answer page, it is encouraged to add link which points to the content of "Knowledge Base" or "Knowledge Sharing Market".

  • for "Related Blogs"

In this part, you could recommend good blogers in our interested area. The maximum blogers recommended here will be around 10. However please do not delete any bloggers already recommended here, but leave to Moderator.

If you are not sure where is the best place in this wiki area to share your information, please always contact the moderators.


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