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The aim of this page is to show the working of the Purchase Requisition Creation indicator.


The Creation indicator (EBAN-ESTKZ, purchase requisition/schedule lines) shows whether the purchase requisition or delivery schedule line was created manually or automatically (e.g. as a result of the requirements planning process).

It indicates the purchasing process, within the requisition was created.


The creation indicator determines how the requisition can be edited. Requisitions created manually (ESTKZ = 'R') can be edited in enjoy transaction ME52n, while requisitions created in some other business processes, like Production order, cannot be edited or deleted.

Please read following KBA about this topic:

1998578 - Requisitions created in PS, PM or PP cannot be changed


In ME5Xn transaction, You can see the value at the Contact Person tab of the item details:

It is not possible to change this value in ME52n transaction, as input is set to not possible in the layout designer.

Possible values

In case of manual PR entry in ME51N, the creation indicator is defaulted to "R" Realtime (manual). In the case of delivery schedules created under scheduling agreements, if schedule lines with different creation indicators are consolidated to form a release schedule line, the creation indicator remains "blank".

Some examples for the creation indicator are shown below :
B Material requirements planning
D Direct procurement
F Production order
R Realtime (manual)
S Self Service Procurement
U Converted planned order
V Sales and distribution document

Upon creating Purchase requisitions from SRM Shopping Carts, the creation indicator is also set to: Realtime (Manual). This is because the standard SRM does not use or map the creation indicator. The BAPI BAPI_PR_CREATE has that field but does not send it, or sends as blank; hence the ERP logic defaults the creation indicator to R - Realtime (Manual).

See SAP Knowledge Base Article 2578209 - Creation indicator in Purchase requisition from SRM system.

Debugging ESTKZ

The logic of filling the creation indicator can be found in the include LMEREQF32 (LCL_R_ESTKZ, method IS_VALID) of function group MEREQ. System reads first the item context (l_context). If the activity type is creation (H) and the context's creation indicator is blank, than the standard will set the indicator to realtime/manual by default. It also checks whether the context already has an indicator received from other processes. If so, manual modification of the same is not possible.

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