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 Main Program SAPMM06B

Translation of program names:


 FORM BEZUGSQUELLE_SUCHEN. (Source of Supply Search)
   PERFORM mpn_check.                
   PERFORM quotierung.                            …Quota Arrangement
   PERFORM orderbuch.                            … Source List
   PERFORM pstyp.                                   ….(not relevant)
   PERFORM leistungs_lieferanten.           …(Service vendor,only for service issue)
   PERFORM vertraege.                            …Outline Agreements
   PERFORM infosaetze.                           …Info Records
   PERFORM umlagerungswerke.             …Plants for Stock Transfer
   PERFORM vertraege_ohne_material.   …Outline Agreements without Material
   PERFORM regellieferant.                      …Regular vendor
   PERFORM vertragsreferenz.               …Reference to an outline agreement

Description of some important programs:

  • FORM mpn_check

                         search for assigned MPN-Materials with function module MB_SEARCH_HTN_MATERIAL


  • FORM quotierung


  • FORM orderbuch

                         FORM search_orderbuch: search for a valid entry in source list

                         FORM Get_Orderbuch: table NORD contains source list entries


                        FORM Orderbuchpflicht_Setzen: field Orderbuchpflicht

                        is the indicator ‘source list requirement’, system checks, if there’s source list requirement for plant or material master

                        FORM Check_Global_Orderbuch: system checks the ‘blocked source of supply’, field NORD-NOTKZ

                       NORD-EBELN contains the agreement of the source list, the header of the agreement is checked in FORM Kontrakt_Kopf_Lesen, in Kontrakt_Pos_Lesen.The  field Vertrag_Ok is filled, if the agreement is ok.


FORM vertraege

            FORM Vertraege_Mit_Mat_Selektieren delivers the agreements in Table LEKPO

            FORM vertrag_bearbeiten checks all the LEKPO-entries, the valid entries are copied into table LORD


FORM infosaetze

            System looks for valid inforecords (as well, if valid agreements exists).

            Field Erfolg is not populated in PERFORM vertraege.

            Function module ME_EINA_READ_WITH_MATNR delivers table LEINA  with all the possible inforecords

            Form Prefetch_Eine_Lesen , FORM infosatz_bearbeiten appends the valid entries of table LEINA  (PEINA) to Table LORD


FORM umlagerungswerke

            only for item category ‘U’ (stock transfer),  the possible plants are selected and copied into internal table marcs

            FORM umlagerwerk_pruefen checks the entries in marcs  

           FORM lord_eintrag_reswk appends the possible plants for stock transfer to table LORD


FORM vertraege_ohne_material


            Search for agreements without material, keep the data in table LEKPO

            PERFORM vertrag_bearbeiten checks all the LEKPO-entries, the valid

            entries are copied into table LORD


FORM regellieferant

Only processed, if one of the indicator Comim-Bzqhl or t001w-bzqhl (Take regular vendor into account) is set. If the indicator is set, the regular vendor will be suggested as source of supply. The regular vendor is maintained in the inforecord (field EINA-RELIF). System checks, if there’s an entry in table LORD for the regular vendor; If yes, all other entries are deleted from table LORD, the remaining entry is copied into structure SATZ


User-exit for source determination: EXIT_SAPLMEQR_001


FORM dialog_aufnahme gernerates the popup with all sources, the data of the selected source is copied into SATZ


FORM Exporting_Search

Exporting Structure COMEX  for Source of Supply is poulated with the content of SATZ.