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This page is created in order to give basic understanding about purchase requisitions.


In procurement, the internal requisition for materials or services triggers a procurement process.

Purchase requisitions (PR) are internal documents for asking your purchasing department to procure a particular quantity of a material or a service for a particular date.

Below you will find more documentation about the PR process in an ERP system.

Header and item overview of a PR

The General overview of Purchase Requisition fields helps you to better understand the PR handling process.

Creation and deletion of a PR

The Creation and deletion of PR page explains the possible methods of creating and deleting this type of document.

The How to create Purchase Requisition from a BAPI page lets you know more about PR creation/change/deletion if it's done via an external system.

The PR Creation indicator page deals specifically with a very important indicator that determines how the PR itself is handled in specific processes.

Technical concept of a PR

The Technical concept of PR page provides you with some basic knowledge regarding PR related tables, function modules, BADIs and some debugging tips, as well.

The Important indicators in PR (EBAN) table page explains the possible values and general usage of these fields.

The Purchase requisition rule processing page provides more information regarding rule handling in case of PR documents.

The Guide to Transport Number Ranges for PR and PO page deals with number range migration via transport requests.

The Field metadata handling in ME5Xn transactions page will let you know more about how field statuses work and when plus why is a specific field editable/non-editable or even hidden.

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