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This page is to explain SAP standard functionalities and basic concepts around text elements of Purchasing Info Record documents.


Purchasing Info Records can have 2 types of text and not more. The texts can be taken over to the follow-on documents as well.

Purchasing Info Record texts in customizing

In transaction SPRO, You can find two text elements for the Purchasing Info Record:

01 Info record note
02 Purchase order text

This is at following path:

Materials Management → Purchasing → Purchasing Info Record → Define Texts

In the table TTXID:

EINA AT Info record note
EINE BT Purchase order text

Within SAP standard, this customizing cannot be changed. No further texts can be used.

This has been the SAP standard functionality for a long time and is also documented in following SAP Note, question 17:

448814 - FAQ: Texts in Purchasing

and this:

33585 - Text type maintenance: Item texts for info record

As described in this SAP Note, these two text types are hard coded in all related codings, therefore, using any other text type is not possible.

Purchasing Info Record texts in the transactions for document maintenance (ME11/ME12/ME13)

According to the customizing, You will see two input fields for texts in the transactions ME11/ME12/ME13:

You can use „Info record note” also for Info Records, that are not specific to plants or purchasing organizations, this text is specific to table EINA.

„Purchase order text” is only for Info Records with plant specific entries in table EINE.

Purchasing Info Record texts in customizing

"Purchase Order Text" can be maintained in the material master MM01/MM02:

In the customizing, there is default copy rule defined for this text: it will be taken over into the "Purchase Order Text" of the Info Record.

You can find this at following path in SPRO transaction:

Materials Management → Purchasing → Purchasing Info Record → Define Copying Rules

PIR texts in follow-on documents

The text can be taken over into the follow-on Purchase Order, if the line item is created with reference to the Purchasing Info Record.

There is a separate button in the enjoy transactions (ME21n/ME22n) to control this:

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