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This wiki is to clarify the system logic in relation to deleted PR / PO / contract and release strategy.


This document explains the system design and logic of the behaviors about release strategy in case of PR / PO / Contract is deleted. For example, when the release strategy is disappeared and in which case the release strategy still exists with the deleted purchasing documents.

System Logic for PO deletion and release strategy

In standard system design, the release strategy is not removed from the deleted PO if at least one of the following cases is true:

  • If a PO has PO history (GR/IR).
  • If 'Delivery Completed' indicator and/or 'Final Invoice' indicator is ticked.

When the release strategy is not removed from the PO, the PO can be selected in T-Code ME28.

If a PO has history (GR/IR), the release strategy is not removed from the PO when the item is deleted. Because of the PO history (GR/IR), when item is deleted, it is not marked as statistical (ekpo-stapo). A PO item has to be statistical when deleted, only then it will not be proposed in ME28.

On the PO, the delivery complete and/or final invoice indicator(s) is set.


The release strategy is still existed.


And the deleted PO can still be selected by T-code ME28


When a PO item is flagged for deletion, it is not valid anymore. However, this does not mean that it disappears or it was never created. The item remains on the PO and can be un-deleted. Due to the system design, the authorization check reviews also the deleted items.

System Logic for Contract deletion and release strategy

If a contract has follow-on documents, e.g. a purchase order or release order against the contract, then the ekpo-stapo will not be updated/ filled out and the release strategy will remain attached. And such contract could be still found by ME35K.

Only if the contract does not have any follow-on documents, then deleting the contract items will set EKPO-STAPO and this in turn will remove release strategy.

System Logic for PR deletion and release strategy

With note 934357 the functionality is changed so that release strategy is not removed from the deleted item (or purchase requisition with all items deleted). And release of deleted item (or release of purchase requisition with all items deleted) is not possible with ME54N.

The release strategy is not removed when the PR item is deleted.


But the PR can be not released.


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