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This report is made available via note 2139101. The purpose of this report is to enable users of the SAP system to retroactively analyse the inventory management valuation postings in relation to the GR/IR clearing posting. (Posting key WRX). There are many different business scenarios and several factors that have to be considered to be able to correctly and completely explain the valuation determined by the system. It can often be the case that at first glance, a valuation may be unclear or appear to be incorrect. However further manual analysis would always show that the calculation is in fact correct. Report MBEXPLAINWRX allows a system user to analyse an individual valuation by material document, item, and year. The report breaks down the details of the posting and explains the logic used to derive the posting valuation.

Report Usage
The report requires the user to input the material document number, item and year. With this input data, it will retrieve all related information from the reference Purchase Order and Purchase Order history tables to establish the exact circumstances under which the material document was valuated in Inventory Management. The report firstly identifies the standard formula that was used for the valuation and then identifies the actual values that were used to calculate the GR/IR clearing posting value.

Screen fields points to note

‘Check PO change log’ field.
The report will read the reference PO item change log and retrieve the item NET value from the change log as opposed to the PO net value directly from the EKPO table.

‘Repricing with GR date’ field
If the EKPO-MEPRF = ‘5’ the report will execute a new pricing using the posting date and/or document date from the material document header table (MKPF) 

‘Cash discount’ field
If the PO is relevant for cash discount (EKKO- ZBD1P) the system will include the cash discount in the calculation of the PO net value. 

The output of the report provides the user with confirmation of the actual standard formula used and shows how the system arrived at the posting value. It also provides direction to supporting SAP documentation, which describes the standard functionality for the many different standard valuation scenarios. Additionally there are interactive navigation features which allow a user to display the reference Purchase Order or the material document, as well as a feature to display the local currency valuation details when the currency of the company code differs from the reference document currency.The TABS at the top of the report enable navigation of the reference documents and provide a sub screen to view Local currency elements of the valuations where relevant. If there is no currency conversion the local currency TAB is suppressed.

Material document       - Press (F7)
Purchase Order            - Press (F5)
Local currency              - Press (F6)

Points to consider       
This report is capable of covering most WRX valuation scenarios but there are many factors that can affect the capacity of the report when checking a valuation in retrospect, they are listed below. The report cannot therefore cover 100% of cases. The valuation of such special cases has to be checked manually by your support team if required.

Some of the factors you have to consider are as follows:
- Is a new pricing executed at the time of the goods movement (EKPO-MEPRF = ‘5’) ?
- Have there been and changes to the item net value (EKPO-NETWR) ?
- Have there been any changes to the Non-deductible Tax (EKPO-NAVNW) ?
- Have there been any price condition changes made since the posting you are checking ?
- Have there been changes to the reference PO item Quantity that could affect the calculation ?

If the PO net value has been changed in the reference item for any reason, a manual analysis of the item pricing and possibly the item change log will be required to establish what the PO net value was at the time of the original posting. The report has additional features to help a support super user analyse these cases, specifically PO changes, Price changes and cash discount considerations. These can be activated for your system super user via user parameter ID 'MBIMVAL' = 'AAA'.  

- The output of the report is written in English only
- Exchange rate types other than the standard ‘M’ are not covered
- IS-OIL influenced valuations are not covered
- IS-AFS influenced valuations  are not covered
- India specific solution valuations  are not covered
- MM-SRV service relevant postings  are not covered  
- Multiple Account Assignment postings  are not covered
- You have a complex PO history where posting were made in different currencies the report cannot provide accurate outcomes


  1. Hello Brian,

    The correction note has missing steps like  SE41 PF status,selection screen texts etc.

    will SAP release a new version of the note with the missing steps?




    1. Former Member

      Hello Vatrapu,

      Many thanks for your feedback on this, we are currently reviewing the manual steps in the note and a new version will definitely follow shortly.
      I will drop by and let you know if it has been released!


    2. Former Member

      Hello Vatrapu,

      The new version (6) of note 2139101 has just been released. Please make sure you implement it in SNOTE before finishing the missing manual steps as the source code has been also been revised in the meantime.

      Please let us know if you have any further feedback!


      1. Hello Peter,

        Thanks for the revised note,its a more clean implementation now.

        This report together with MBEKBEAN will go a long way in our day to day activities.

        Thanks again.





  2. Hi,

    Due to the new version in progress assume this is why the note correction currently comes up as not release and seems it cannot be downloaded by SNOTE. Interested to look at this functionality.



    1. Hi Michael,

      Thanks for showing the interest.
      We're doing the adjustments at the moment, and I believe we can have it released again in 1.5 week.
      Will keep you updated on this.

      Best regards,

    2. Former Member

      Hello Michael,

      The note should be available for implementation now.

      Please let us know how you find the tool if you get a chance to try it!
      We are eager to hear about our customers' and partners' experiences with it.

      Kind Regards,