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The purpose of this page is to show how a source can be determined correctly in purchase requistion.


The system automatically locates the correct info record/vendor through source determination when

  1. Flag 'Source Determination' is checked in ME52N/ME51N
  2. Purchasing organization is not manually entered in the PR item line

As soon as the purchasing organization information is entered manually in the requisition line item, source determination is not run and the info record is not determined which leads to the souce not been determined in the purchase requisition.  This occurs because the purchasing organization field is part of the MM internal source of supply record. When this field is entered in the PR line item, it also becomes part of the source of supply tab for the item and the system then assumes that the user wishes to manually assign the
source of supply based on the purchasing organization. Therefore the vendor for the item can only be filled by entering it manually or through the 'Assign source of supply' button in the Source of Supply tab.