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During goods issue with special stock(for example sales order stock), the stock determination doesn't work as desired even the customizing has been set.



There is no entry with blank Stock determination:  Special stock indicator(V_T434P-BFSOB) in customizing
OLMB->Stock Determination->Stock Determination Define Strategies for Stock Determination

Referring to the F1 help of this indicator:


Stock determination: Special stock indicator

Indicates the stock that stock determination should suggest for withdrawal:

K = consignment stock

F = unrestricted-use stock

empty (blank) = consignment and unrestricted-use stock
If the =blank indicator is set when a calling application is determining the storage location for  sales order or project stock,

it will only determine the stock of both these special stocks.


If the entry is missing, the stock determination/batch determination for special stock won't work correctly.



Maintain the entry with blank  Stock determination:  Special stock indicator(V_T434P-BFSOB) in corresponding customizing.