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By posting (or even by cancalling) a goods receipt in MIGO or in MB01 or in other transactions which are for this purpose, you get

ME 573 - Error in price determination... system error.

DOUBLE CLICK ON THE ERROR MESSAGE TO SEE ITS LONG TEXT! → According to its long text, the error marked with X occurred during the price determination process for purchasing document. The root cause of them can be different, see all the possible errors and causes/suggestion next to those which are common and more complex:

[X] Net price is 0.

Possible problem:

The pricing date control category (ekpo-meprf) is 5 in the Purchasing document item, so when posting GR, the price will be redetermined with current date. If at the time of GR posting there is still no condition record existing (due to not maintained, due to validity expired, etc.) for a certain condition type and also not findable from in info record (because there is no valid condition record exists for GR date), price determination won't find a gross price condition to use. New pricing at GR won't check for the last pur. doc in the info record so copying its conditions won't happen.

You should only use ekpo-meprf 5 when master (time-dependent) conditions exist in the info record, or if you are working with scheduling agreements with time-dependent conditions.

Otherwise we don't recommend using ekpo-meprf 5 for documents with time-independent conditions. If you now update the info record with a condition record that is valid for the date that you will be posting your GR, the system will find the price. However, if you expect the conditions from the document to be used, it is suggested to change ekpo-meprf from 5 to ' ' or 2 for delivery date.

If this field is not visible in the PO, you'll have to adjust your customizing in the field selection for condition control to be changeable in the purchasing document.

It is a common issue, that the pricing is expected from the info record, but there no valid gross price (PB00 for example) existing for current date, or if you have multiple gross prices used in the info record, then make sure that the expected condition has value and valid at current date and if that condition is not the first gross price between gross prices, then you could make the other gross prices' validity not to cover current date - as 0 price is not sufficient to be entered for unexpected gross price, because then 0 price would be found which means no price and ME 573 error.

Please checkout SAP Note 401941 if you are using Scheduling agreements with scales and you get incorrect or 0 price during goods receipt (GR).

Also checkout Note 456691 - 27. Question:

"The price determination may use condition records that did not yet exist when the document item was created; for example, an additional discount at vendor level. The net price may have a negative value or a value of "0" due to these conditions, which are determined additionally. To establish which conditions cause the incorrect price, it may be helpful to create an identical PO item that has identical data. On the condition screen, navigate to the analysis. In the analysis, you can establish which condition record causes the incorrect result."

[X] Error during quantity conversion


Check whether suitable unit of measure conversion is maintained in material master:
When the pricing is executed the system finds condition records for the condition schema's conditions. It detects a difference between the condition unit of measure and the PO unit of measure and tries to do a conversion which fails.

You will see in function module RM_CONDITION_UNIT_CHECK that the failure occurs at function 'MATERIAL_UNIT_CONVERSION' when the system is looking for the conversion factors. Because these are missing in the material master, hence the pricing error V1804 is issued.

[X] Field overflow


During the migo process, system validates the scheduling agreement item target quantity * current price.  If the result is too high, system is triggering the error. This is a technical restriction, SAP system works like calculator. There is a limit of characteres.  You can also try to run Price Simulation and check whether a condition related field is overflowed. You have to adjust the wrong amount(s) if so.

[X] Error during maint. of delivery costs in master conditions - Delivery cost conditions in different validity  periods not identical


At the time of the GR posting, the conditions are being checked to verify that they match the goods receipts that were previously submitted If they do not match, this error message may occur.

-Notes 456691 and 457511 explain that once a goods receipt has been posted for a purchase order, the freight conditions cannot be changed.

-Another root cause for the mismatching condition counter (ZAEHK field) is in Note 446831 described

--The error can be caused due to manual pricing schema change too (step number and counter), you can check this by having a look at the table EKBZ and comparing it with the actual condition types stored in the purchase order [take EKKO-KNUMV and check PO's conditions in KONV/PRCD_ELEMENTS table] and in the M/08 schema customizing. Also in M/08 you can see change log if activated.  Changing pricing schema for a PO which is open is not permitted as it tends to cause problems like the ones you've seen. Please see note 456691, question 20:  
"Why does the system display different/additional conditions when displaying/changing a purchase order that were not displayed during the creation of the document?  Why is the manual gross price (PBXX) suddenly displayed next to the gross price (PB00) (or vice versa)?
These problems indicate that, after the creation of the purchase order the calculation schema has been changed. This must absolutely be avoided. If this is the case in your system, then you can consider to changing the pricing procedure back as it was when the PO was created, then you can post the GR cancellation. After that change the pricing procedure as you expected."

In order to by-pass this error message you have two different options:

  1. Instead of deleting the condition type, you can set it to zero: "If one or several freight costs conditions are no longer relevant for a validity period, you should set the value of the condition to  'zero' but you should not delete it."

  2. Deactivate the new program component which initiates error ME573 by deleting the sentence "lf_bnk_check = 'X'." in the include LEINRF2N as SAP Note 447374 does, please check.

Other errors are the following, but they are clear to understand as they are speak to themselves, beside them see some comments:

[X] Net price is negative and/or there are no valid conditions or the duration of the contract has ended. - Negative netprice never allowed

[X] Effective value is negative. - Negative effective price never allowed, check pricing schema's settings in M/08 to surely sum up correctly values

[X] Mandatory condition missing. - A condition which is maintained in M/08 for the schema as mandatory not exists in the document.

[X] Negative delivery costs. - Negative delivery costs also never allowed

[X] Delivery costs have been recorded although invoice receipts are not defined for the item. - Delivery cost only possible if the position has invoice receipt indicator

[X] A condition involving delivery costs exists without a transaction/event key. - Check M/08 schema setup and make sure the last two columns are filled with account key.

[X] Error during currency translation. - Check whether in OB08 (TCURM table) for current date correct conversation rate is maintained