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Going through the following guideline you can find possible solutions for the different scenarios, when two step physical stock transfer is involved. The description refers to transfer without valuated stock in transit (LOG_MM_SIT process is not involved) and with reference to a stock transport order.

Do you have stock in transit in transaction MB5T you would like to clear (e.g. it appears in MD04)?

Check the history of the purchase order to figure out what is the reason of the stock in transit displayed in MB5T. Copy the PO number from MB5T, go to ME23N and open the corresponding PO and go to the PO history tab on the item level.

Have you received the total issued quantity?

Check the goods receipts and goods issues you had for the PO. So that the Stock Transport Order can be closed the complete issued quantity has to be received in the receiving Plant. Only when the issued quantity equals the received quantity, the STO can be closed.

For closing the Stock Transfer Order document  by means of MIGO transaction, you should post a goods issue reversal at the supplying plant or post a goods receipt at the receiving plant for the quantity that has not been received yet.

Were the goods damaged during transport?

How can this be reported in the system?

-          Either the goods issue is reversed, the damaged quantity is scrapped and then a new goods issue is posted for the real quantity that arrived to the receiving plant.

-          Or, alternatively, the whole quantity is received into the receiving plant and then the damaged quantity is posted for scrapping.

It is important that the scrapped quantity does not remain in stock in transfer, but is reported in the system as scrapped.

For further information please check the following link:

If the solution above does not solve your problem, you should check if the transfer stock is a result of intercompany or intracompany transfer. In case of intracompany SIT you transfer stock within a company code and the data is updated in the table MARC-TRAME as well. Intercompany SIT means transfer between plants of different company codes. MARC-TRAME is not updated in this case, this process creates a 'virtual' stock in transit which is calculated dynamically based on the values in the schedule line table EKET and the purchase order history table EKBE. Because no stock in transit is created, it is possible to post the goods receipt before than the goods issue, and as a result the stock in transit might be negative in MB5T.

So to check if the data in MB5T is a result of intracompany or intercompany transfer process you have to check the table MARC with the corresponding material and plant. For the plant the receiving plant should be considered, as when using the two step transfer process, in the first step the stock is transferred into the stock in transit of the receiving plant. You can find further information on the note 25220 – ’No stock in transit with cross-company purchase orders’.

Is the stock in transfer the result of intracompany SIT?

It is possible that when you try to receive the open quantity you get the error message M7022 - PL Stock in transfer exceeded by &'.

This error message is normally raised a result of rounding differences when the Stock Transport Order is created in a unit different than the Base Unit of Measure. For this scenario you can use the movement type 557 / 558 to decrease / increase stock in transit. For further information about the usage of the movement type please check the following link:

For further details please check the note 1618453 – ’How to fix quantity on stock in transit (Error: M7 022 caused by small rounding amount)’.

If you transfer split valuated material with the intracompany process you may get the error M7043 when trying to book a goods receipt for the outbound delivery. It may be raised because the receiving valuation type was not entered at the STO creation. For further details and the possible solution please check the note  1712162 - Error 'M7 043' is raised when trying to post a goods receipt for an outbound delivery in MIGO on STO-intra-company scenario .

Is the stock in transfer the result of intercompany SIT?

If yes, there is an option to set the delivery completed flag for this STO item. If you wish to set this flag despite the GI quantity not matching the GR quantity, please refer to the following SAP modification note which enables this functionality:
167795 - Completion of stock transfers with quantity of goods issues > quantity of goods received
In case you decide to implement this note, please make sure you are also familiar with the contents of the following note as well:
170183 - What to consider when applying modifications .

Special cases

You get the error M7021 when trying to transfer consignment stocks.

Solution: 1619355 - It is not possible to transfer vendor consignment stock from one plant to another one

You want to book the GR for a delivery that has been archived.

Solution: 2247969 - How to book goods receipt for archived delivery?

If none of the above described notes solve the problem for the scenario with transfer without valuated stock in transit and with reference to a stock transport order, please open an incident to the component MM-IM-ST-PO.