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The Moving Average Price of a Material in a Plant suffers strong variances that you cannot explain.


Not only goods movements change the Moving Average Price of a material. Invoices, Credit memos, Price changes, Order settlements can also change the Stock Value without changing the stock quantity, and, therefore, result in changes in the Moving Average Price.


We used to follow the solution explained in the SAP Note  1506200 to explain the changes suffered by the Moving Average Price of a material.

This process, however, involves plenty of manual steps and checking data directly in database tables for which most users will not have authorization in SAP systems. For this reason, SAP support has developed a report which can query the list of documents which have changed moving average price of a certain material.

The report is named MBMAPCHANGES and it is available with the Note 2198317 - Analysis report for moving average price changes: MBMAPCHANGES

About the tool:
Based on the selection criteria entered on the main screen of the report the system assembles an ALV list of documents which changed the moving average price. Each line contains the reference documents' key fields, the quantity and amount posted by the document, the total stock and total stock value before posting and the moving average price before and after the posting. V-Price changes over the 'Highlight threshold %" will be highlighted for easier analysis. Double-clicking lines will open the reference documents in their corresponding display-transaction.

Selection screen example:

Output example:





  1. Hello Peter,

    this is what my customer is looking for. When is it going to be available in standard or as a note?

    Best regards

    Thomas Erbacher

    1. Hello Thomas,

      I have contacted the Developer who is working on building this report. As soon as I receive any feedback from him I will keep you informed.

      Best regards,

      Esther Hernanz.

  2. Hello again Thomas,

    It is planned to have it released by the end of this week. I will keep you informed as soon as I have further news.

    Best regards,


  3. Hello!

    The SAP Note has just been released. It is:

    2198317 - Analysis report for moving average price changes: MBMAPCHANGES.

    I hope it helps you!

    Best regards,



  4. Hello Esther,

    I've been trying to implement this sap note. I am unable to do so.

    When I look for MBMAPCHANGES  in tcode SE38, it does not exist, so I manually created one and it asked me an access key which provided by the basis personnel. I followed the steps from 1 to 4 attached in sap note 2198317But, when I am trying to execute it, it does run or perform any routine. 

    Should I incorporate more logic in my code or download snote? 

    Thanks so much in advance.





    1. Former Member

      Hello Maecy,

      Implementing the note directly in SNOTE should generate the new report, hence creating it manually should normally not be necessary. In case you do implement it manually, please make sure that you also paste the complete source code into the new report (~1500 lines). The manual steps alone only create the texts and documentations, which do not function at all without the corresponding source code.

      I would like to recommend trying the implementation via SNOTE again and also installing the relevant follow-up notes prompted by SNOTE (2257418 and 2256487).

      Would the SNOTE implementation still result in an error, I can send the latest source code to you in an email.

      Best Regards,


      1. Hi Peter,

        Thank you so much for these. I already coordinated with my basis functional since I have encountered error in implementing the snote. 

        Will let you know with regards to the result.

        Again, thank you!


      2. Hello Peter,

        The snotes 2198317, 2257418 and 2256487 were successfully implemented, but still unable to execute.

        May I just get the source code for me to manually incorporate? This is my email

        Thank you so much!


        Best Regars,


        1. Former Member

          Hi Peter/Maecy,

          I am having the same issue. Can you please email me the source code so that we can implement the report.



          1. Former Member

            Hi Shanky,

            It should be in your inbox.

            Best Regards,