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To help determine why the release strategy in not triggered in Purchasing Document. Provide system checks to help determined why the release strategy is not called.


Check the following:

  1. Go into transaction CL30(N) and enter the values of the document and click on the button ‘find in initial class’. If you do not get a result, check the customizing if there is a release strategy which matches the values of the document.
  2. If you get exactly one result, it is an indicator that the customizing was defined correctly. Then check:
    1. Is there a userexit activated (see note 365604 for the user exit name)? If yes, check if it contains the magic line (for purchase requisition: ‘E_CEBAN = I_CEBAN’, for purchase order ‘E_CEKKO = I_CEKKO’).
    2. For purchase requisition, the overall release flag has to match the one defined in transaction OMEB for the document type.
  3. If there is no release strategy determined after the implementation of a support package and you use a userexit, ask the customer to check note 435150.
  4. Check in the customizing if the characteristics were entered in the internal format (e.g. the cost center must have 10 characters with leading zeros), see also note 365604, point 2b).
  5. In case the item category is used as a characteristic, check that the customer uses the internal format defined in OMH4

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