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You would like to understand the logic of the fixing indicator in PR. 


Business logic


The APO uses 4 firming indicator: pp-firmed, input firmed, output firms, date firmed

        • PP-firmed: the receipt quantity firmed, this indicator is set whenever the order is output firmed, input firmed or with date fixed so it is the high level indicator for firming.
        • Output firmed: the receipt quantity firmed. This indicator is set if you set the conversion indicator for the order and some other cases. The output firmed indicator in APO correspond to the order header fixing in the ECC. The header fixing indicator can be seen when in MD04 you press on "display" in the pop-up window as field "Firmed".


The "fixed ID" indicator firms the purchase requisition or delivery schedule line, thus causing the output firming and pp-firming. The indicator is set automatically if you make manual changes to a requisition that was generated by material planning and control.

So the fixed ID in ECC and output firmed in APO are not equal indicators. When you set the fixed ID, the output and pp-firm indicator are set too. When you unset the fixed id, the order is still header firmed thus in APO the output firm and PP-firmed stay flagged.

The fact is that the output and PP correspond to header firming in ECC. The fixed ID does not have equal flag in APO. It is represented dynamically by PP and output firmed when needed.

Firming Scenarios
  1. A PR is created in ECC and ciffed to SCM.
    How do the fix indicators in the two systems behave?
    > The pur.req. created manually in ECC is header firmed and with fixed id indication leading in APO to PP-firmed.
  2. A PR is created in SCM by SPP and ciffed to ECC.
    How do the fix indicators in the two systems behave?
    > APO pur.req. when created is always pp-firmed and output-firmed which leads when transferred to ERP to header fixed.
  3. A PR is manually fixed in SCM and ciffed to ECC.
    Is the PR fixed in ERP?.
    > It will always be header fixed.

If you need to work with the orders in APO without the firming/fixing indicators the best for you would be to use the customer exit EXIT_SAPLMEAP_001 in ECC system parameter it_output-fixed or EXIT_/SAPAPO/SAPLCIF_PU_001 in APO parameter it_output-fixed and corresponding flag it_outputx-fixed.

The fixing itself is computed in FGroup MEAP FORM fill_eban if you want to see it in details, parameter - FIXKZ.