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Table of Contents

Return from customer Customization(xxxxxy xxxxxy xxxxxy )

  • X xxxxxy xxxxxy xxxxxy (reason: e.g. xxxxxy )
  • X XXXX xxxxxy type LR (XXXXX) XXXXxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx.
  • xxxxxy in xxxxxy "xxxxxy " button. xxxxxy post negative GI, xxxxxy to GR.
  • xxxxxy WM is possible (interim xxxxxy 904, xxxxxy 'R' for"return").
  • Two xxxxxy posting xxxxxy :

1. xxxxxy stock retxxxxxy s (651/451)
> non-valuated
> xxxxxy posting in special stock
> afterwards xxxxxy unrestricted xxxxxy (453)

2. xxxxxy valuated storage xxxxxy (653/655/657) (also xxxxxy stock cxxxxxy egories‚Q'and‚E')

3. Creation of xxxxxy memo

Return to (external) xxxxxy vendor

Return to Vendo rxxxxxy (Planned)

The recexxxxxy plant (the purchase xxxxxy ) creates xxxxxy xxxxxy xxxxxy return items (EKPO-RETPO)

There are two alternatives:

  • GI of return items with movement type 161, using transaction MB01/MIGO and* post GR for it.
  • Creation of a return delivery for the purchase order (delivery type RL) via transaction* *VL10* / VL04. During GI a "negative" GR is done.
    For this alternative the following settings are needed:*
  • Define a delivery type (RL) in T161V-LFRET.
  • Setting LFM1-KZRET ("return with shipping") in the purchasing data of vendor master data and maintaining suitable customer master data for the vendor.

The vendor sends a credit memo for the invoice verification


Insert warning message here!

Vendor return (unplanned):

A purchase order (to external vendor), there are two possibilities for vendor return:

with reference to the PO

with reference to the GR material

with reference to the GR material



transaction MBRL

possible without delivery (XDELIV unflagged): return posting

possible with return delivery (controlled by flag XDELIV in the initial screen)


Creation of a return delivery (delivery type RLL). If an EKES entry is needed for MD04, make sure that:

  • delivery category is RL (View V_156Q_VC) and delivery type is RLL
  • T163D-RETDLV is flagged for the confirmation control key in the purchase order)

Interesting notes

Please xxxxxy SAP Note 491785: Correction xxxxxy for completing open inbound deliveries

Please xxxxxy SAP Note 359247: Correction xxxxxy for completing open inbound deliveries

General Annotations

  • Differencexxxxxy returnxxxxxy cancellation:

> Cancelling is xxxxxy of a business xxxxxy .
> Returnxxxxxy (or an initialization) of a business process.

  • Mix up "normal" items with return items in one purchase order.
  • No batch check is done for return deliveries.
  • It is xxxxxy returns without referencexxxxxy MB01. xxxxxy , a purchase xxxxxy return items can bexxxxxy in background.
  • Planned returns with xxxxxy have a return flag in the purchase order items.
  • They have neither reference to any original purchase order nor to the original purchase price.
  • Unplanned return have a reference to a purchase order.

Plant-to-plant Return / Store Return (Planned)

Intra-company (UB):

Inter-company (NB):

Process of Plant-to-plant return / store return (planned):

  • A stock transport order (STO: UB or NB) ist created with return items (EKPO-RETPO).
  • xxxxxy a return deliveryxxxxxy STO (delivery type NLR or NLC).
  • xxxxxy or afterwards) the xxxxxy a "negative" GR (161) with refxxxxxy to the STO (not to the xxxxxy !). This is done with MIGO / MB01.
  • MIGO - post GR with xxxxxy . This step is omitted for the xxxxxy step case.
  • For thexxxxxy , a "negative" GI isxxxxxy (similar as return delivery for sales return) xxxxxy GR/putaway (671/673/675/677).
  • Cross-company case,xxxxxy will be xxxxxy (in analogy to internal billing).
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