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The following enterprise services are available with the Batch Traceability and Analytics ES bundle:

Generally available:

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  1. Unknown User (fd45n26)

    We have multiple process centers in our company that machine place small electrical components onto serialized circuit cards which are then assembled into higher level serialized assemblies. Most of these components are so small that they don't have part number, date code, or lot marking. Many are packaged on trays or reels for the convenience of machine usage. These parts are backflushed automatically and multiple lots could be in use on different machines at the same time. The parts are almost always warehouse managed but the build levels are not until final assembly. We have a requirement to track date/lot codes for some of these parts, from the point of receipt through multiple levels of build to final customer, whether machine placed or hand placed. We are looking for suggestions on how to accomplish this in SAP. If you have any ideas please contact Jackie Seals @  or 319-295-3582.