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If you're looking for detailed information about how to implement ES bundles, Connectivity Kits provide administrators with the information required to bring about end-to-end business scenario integration. The kits essentially support the integration of IT systems and SAP products.

The Connectivity Kits provide the following information for business scenario integration. This information helps administrators implement an ES bundle:

  • Roadmap
    Each roadmap provides an overview of the Connectivity Kit as it relates to the particular bundle.
  • Integration Scenario
    The integration scenario provides the business process description of that particular bundle.
  • Implementation Guide
    The implementation guide is where administrators will get all of the information required to implement the bundle. It is composed of the following elements:
    • Prerequisites
    • Procedure
      The procedure comprises the implementation steps, which give information on such topics as security, installation, configuring the implementation scenario and maintaining the master data, and testing the integration scenario.
    • Operation
      The operation information describes how to start or initiate the process and also gives information about recordkeeping.

Connectivity Kit Roadmaps are currently available for the following ES bundles: