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Edits to Bundles

Deepak Rai Sharma added a ninth use case to the Integration of Manufacturing Execution Systems ES bundle, clearly describing ways that production managers can benefit from the information to be gained from various enterprise services. Nine use cases is a record for any ES bundle, Deepak! Thanks for the excellent contribution!

Eric Bushman added a new use case to the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment ES bundle, explaining how to make a credit card payment using the Order to Cash workflow in SAP ERP. Great stuff, Eric!

Steffen Karsch added a customer success story from Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG on the Bank Communication Management ES bundle.

Gerlinde Graewe thoroughly revised the Demand Planning ES bundle, providing careful explanation of features and additional use cases, including a Duet use case with Microsoft Excel consuming enterprise services. This greatly expands the types of users who can contribute their expertise in the strategic area of demand planning and forecasting.

Achim Becker provided updated info on the Connectivity Kit for Planning to Shelf Optimization Integration. If you don't know what a connectivity kit is yet, check out the Connectivity Kits wiki.

Kay Loehmann made significant updates to Insurance Claims Handling. She also edited Insurance Document Vendor, which included adding a one-pager.

Ulf Petzel edited Customer Collaboration for the Supply Chain.

Mario Herger made substantial and important updates to Current Account Management - Business Operations and Loans Management - Business Operations. Mario also edited Sales and Service - Account Origination and Course Approval Processes.

Info about Integrating Microsoft Outlook

Andre Fischer added some interesting and highly relevant info to the Technical Document Management Connectivity ES bundle:

To store e-mail correspondence as simply and efficiently as possible, an extension was implemented in Microsoft Outlook that leverages the TDMC ES bundle. Using the TDMC ES it is possible to transfer individual e-mails or entire e-mail folders from Microsoft Outlook to the SAP PLM DMS.

The solution that has been implemented by SAP consulting has been described in the article "Taking IT Management Further with Enterprise Services - A Practical Example" that has been published in the ProduktData Journal (No. 2 – 2007).

Thanks, Andre!

Code/Examples Samples

Bettina Lieske added a code sample from Gert Schneider showing how the Find Health Professional By Elements enterprise service can be called from a Microsoft Visual Studio application. She not only edited the enterprise service page, but added this tip to the ES bundle page for the Foundation for Collaborative Health Networks ES bundle. Kudos, Bettina!

Ajay Malempati of SEAL Consulting added code samples using SAP MII to the several enterprise services. They are as follows:

Peter Szincsák added a code sample to the Technical Document Management Connectivity ES bundle. The code sample focuses on searching a document and extracting the meta data from the document

Fakher Halim added code samples (and usage notes and parameters) to Find Sales Order Basic Data by Elements. Thanks, Fakher!

Customer Case Studies

Olaf Reiss of GISA GmbH added a substantial case study about GISA to the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment ES bundle, including graphics, explaining how the company has deployed this ES bundle. He describes the pain points they were experiencing and exactly how they deployed the bundle, including the systems used for design time and run time. Great work, Olaf!

Certified Partner Info

Mustafa Saglam added Certified Partner information to the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment ES bundle using a macro. We like to see examples of automatically included content in the wiki; it's easy to keep it up to date that way.

Test Data/Usage Notes

Marcel Podieh added great test data to the Find Customer Address Basic Data by Name and Address enterprise service, illustrating how you can use it if you only have part of a customer's name or other information. This service is reused many times to find customers, so test data is especially valuable here. Thanks, Marcel!

Richard Hirsch added usage notes to the Find Production Order by Elements service, which is applicable to the Manufacturing Work Instructions and Integration of Manufacturing Execution Systems ES bundles. Thanks, Richard!

Richard Hirsch also added test data to the SCM service, Find Material by ID and Description. Great work, Richard!

Richard Hirsch also added test data as well as usage notes to the Find Quality Issue Notification Product by Elements enterprise service, which is applicable to the Batch Traceability and Analytics
and Integration of Quality Management Systems ES bundles. Thanks, Richard!

(We could use more test data; any volunteers?)