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What Are Enterprise Services Bundles?

Enterprise Services (ES) bundles build the comprehensive portfolio of business scenario descriptions that are SOA-enabled by solutions and Enterprise Services shipped by SAP today. By reading ES bundles documentation, you will be able to understand the impact of SOA on your business processes even without profound knowledge about SAP solutions or technology.

Each ES bundle refers to a set of enterprise services that support a particular business process and are made available as part of the SAP Enhancement Packages for SAP Business Suite solutions.

ES Bundle documentation provides:

  • Exemplary use cases of how enterprise services help implement certain business process steps,
  • Documentation of how to extend and reconfigure processes in a business scenario,
  • Explanations of the relevant business scenario, processes, and roles involved and
  • Guidance about how to put the services to work.

What Is the Enterprise Services Wiki?

The Enterprise Services Wiki is a collaborative environment based on Wiki technology, it publishes the ES bundles catalog. The ES Wiki complements other SAP offerings, such as the Solution Maps or the ES Workplace, with a business-oriented view on how SOA adds value to business processes.

The global community of developers, architects and business process experts can learn about how to put SOA to work and share tips and tricks related to the use (a.k.a. consumption) of enterprise services. If you have something to share, just type it in here, since it's a real wiki. You're welcome to add dedicated sections e.g. for best practices, sample applications or success stories.

ES Bundles Available Today

SAP enhances its Business Suite solutions by periodic shipments of Enhancement Packages. ES bundles are usually shipped along with these enhancements. See below for all ES bundles that are available today.

Bundles of Enterprise Services - Overview SAP Core



Bundles of Enterprise Services - Overview Industries



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